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martinique lewis

Black Travel Journey
Director of strategic partnerships
Baltimore, MD
Hi everyone I'm Marty! And I am so excited to be amongst a group of kick a** women!! I am part of Black Travel Journey, Black Travel Journey is a boutique travel-media brand that inspires, empowers, and educates millennials to discover all the world has to offer! Created a little over a year ago initially as a social media community we reflect the travel aspirations and aesthetics of our generation. We take pride in disrupting the digital community on a daily with engaging content that evokes emotion and encourages our wanderlusters! We strive to diversify brands by using our knowledge of travel and creativity to drive traffic across multiple platforms and leverage our existing team of influencers to increase brand awareness and cultivate brand voices in a world of digital chaos. To know we excite travelers to discover excites us, and we work tirelessly to make travel dreams a reality. We are more than an online community, we’re a way of life!
eekly we produce engaging content to show tourism from the eyes of a person of color, and provide Snapchat and Instagram stories where our travelers can explore exciting destinations like a local from their phone! We engage with our social following of over 60k through Instagram https://www.instagram.com/blacktraveljourney/ and we offer insights and information on our website http://blacktraveljourney.com/.

Black Millenials specifically spend 50 billion on travel annually. Although money is spent, advertisments and marketing do not represent us, and we are ready for that to change! Our community has been very vocal and are constantly saying I wnat to see people like me, when looking at holiday destination marketing. They are 10 times more likely to book a trip where they feel wanted. Times are changing, and we want to ensure everyone lives there best life!

We love all people and are always looking for ways to change the travel community forever! I look forward to this magical weekend with all of you!
Thursday, May 3

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Saturday, May 5

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Sunday, May 6

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