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Elizabeth Saunders

Travelingshoes / Rooomers / UC Berkeley Innov. Accel. Group
Founder / Founder / Prog. Dir.
San Francisco Bay Area
For the past 18 years, I've found a way to build my life in a way that allowed me to travel while I made a living or studied and I continue to do so. I spend 6-9 months of each year traveling - I work full-time teaching global entrepreneurship and corporate innovation programs affiliated with UC Berkeley SCET, I'm in the midst of founding a startup that's a social marketplace for event based hotel sharing, and I have failingly kept a travel blog since 1997, before blogs were a thing, when you had to write your own HTML to have one :) (It still exists out there, hiding out on angelfire!)

I use running 1/2 marathons as an excuse to travel places and I use traveling places as an excuse to buy local yarn for my knitting stash.

For 2018, I'm shifting my priorities to amplify my efforts at maintaining the blog, I'm 1/3 of the way through writing a travel memoir and about 1/4 done with a children's book.
Thursday, May 3

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Friday, May 4

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Sunday, May 6

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